Front Suspension


Price from: £5.98 each
Front suspension track control arm inner bush and roll bar(stabilizer) bush 8 per vehicle. Dimensions:- 22mm tall, 9.5mm bore, top flange 30mm, beneath flange 25mm tapering down to 23mm.
Price from: £5.94 each
front suspension track control arm to roll bar(stabilizer) outer bush 4 per vehicle.
Price from: £91.42 each
Cartridge insert for repair of front McPherson strut. will also suit Cortina mk1 and Classic Capri. Approx 413mm long. Supplied with top nut.
Note bare weight 2.75kg
Price from: £59.80 Each
Front suspension upper mount through which the top of the suspension strut passes, overall dimensions 89mm diameter ( at flange) x 42mm tall, with three extended captive nuts on the flange. Made...
Price from: £7.01 each
upper suspension mount bearing race inner, (two per mounting) 19mm i/d x 24.5mm o/d, 29.3mm o/d at top of flange, 13mm deep.
Price from: £9.89 each
metal balls in cage. note that each side of vehicle requires two pieces - one used top and other under the mounting.
Price from: £44.02 each
Repair kit comprising parts listed and shown in product image
Nyloc nut, Gaiter, Ball-Pin, Lower Cup, Spring, Circlip, Welch Plug & Assorted Shims.

suits other models Classic Capri, Consul,...