SLR576L - Base mounted spot lamp with Lucas finial - Equivalent to Lucas SLR576 type

High quality reproduction of the Lucas SLR576 type spot/driving lamp. Free standing base mount. Red, Lucas lettering on top chrome finial. Approximately 146mm diameter. Plain, domed glass lens with chrome centre knob. All chrome body. A great recreation. Supplied with 12 volt British Pre-focus bulb. For spare/alternative bulbs, please see British Pre-focus single contact (BPF SC) P36S base bulbs. Incandescent options 6V - B172B (36W), 12V - B162 (36W), B185 or B323B (48W), 24V - B606 (44W). For halogen upgrade 12V - B185BH (48W). For LED options - for axial filament (better for spot lamps) please see part numbers P36SLED-S30AX and P36SLED-S43AX.